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8H Magic Night Serum

Overnight beauty sleep high nutrition serum

8H Magic Night Serum

8H Magic Night Serum

Overnight beauty sleep high nutrition serum


8H Magic Night Serum by Kérastase is a beauty sleep high nutrition serum for dry hair. This overnight hair treatment contains anti-dryness polymers for immediate care with a light and non-greasy finish. It also delivers a dose of essential nutrients that boost the formula’s ability to nourish and reinforce the hair.

The magical overnight hair serum works for 8 hours to revitalize and regenerate dry hair and protects from pillow friction.

+98% stronger hair*

Bottle made of 20% recycled glass.

*Instrumental test results after application of 8H Magic Night Serum

Hair Night Serum

Dry Hair Protection



Protects from pillow friction
Restores fiber hydration with deep 8-hour action
Restores radiant, youthful fiber by morning
Helps restore natural hydration level

+98% of stronger hair*
-84% less frizz instantly*
+48% more softness*
+40% more radiant hair*

*Instrumental test, after application of 8hrs Magic Night Serum.

Night Care


Prevent Breakage

What is Hair Dryness?

Kérastase discovered that dry hair issues come from a lack of nutrients happening at 3 different stages: scalp, lengths & ends.

When hair becomes dry, the cuticles are damaged, and the fiber loses its essential building blocks – proteins and lipids.

Where does Nutrient Deficiency happen?

Scalp Stage: Lack of proteins, fatty acids, and vitamins.

Lengths Stage: Low level of nutrients + weak protective barrier.

Ends Stage: Very low level of nutrients + chapped cuticles.

Hair Fiber Composition

Proteins 85%
Water 8 - 12%
Lipids 3 - 16%
Melanin 0,1 - 2%

Nutritive Addictive Scent

The work of an accomplished nose, the Nutritrive scent is an iconic floral fragrance with two cult scents – a powdery, fresh one and a musky, feminine one providing a nostalgic feel, embellished by a third captivating floral scent. Violet leaves and ylang ylang form its floral heart, with tonka beans and white jasmine atop a white cedar and sandalwood base.

Top: Ylang Ylang

Heart: Tonka Beans

Base: Sandalwood

How to Use

Step 1: Spread a pump in your hands and distribute this overnight hair treatment to the lengths and ends of your dry or damp hair.

Step 2: No need to rinse in the morning

In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly. If irritation occurs reduce the frequency of use.

Apply 8H Magic Night Serum before bedtime.

Key Ingredients

Full Ingredient List

Frequently Asked Questions

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