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Kirsten Snively

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Kirsten Snively

Kirsten Snively


Growing up in a family of hairdressers, Kirsten’s passion for beauty started young. Eager to share the knowledge she obtained from over a decade of professional practice, she soon followed her mother's footsteps as an educator. As a Kérastase National Artist, Kirsten thrives while sharing her skills with stylists around the country.


Q. When a client comes into your salon for the first time, how do you determine which hair haircare range to prescribe?

A. The Kerastase Diagnostic tool has been so wonderful behind the chair! Showing my guests their hair at a cellular level really helps to prescribe the right range. Using the K Profile App we can have a seamless consultation together.

Q. How has performing the Kerastase Diagnosis helped strengthen the relationship with your clients behind the chair?

A. Kerastase ensures personal care for exceptional hair. Each diagnosis is a bonding experience. Not only is it fun but it builds trust while learning about their hair.

Q. Can you share why a 3-Step Regimen is important for a client’s haircare routine?

A. The 3-Step Regimen can help a multitude of hair concerns. Using the right products in the right order creates building blocks to healthier hair. Because Kerastase is so prescriptive it’s important to have a consultation with a stylist to figure out which range suits you best.

Q. Many clients experience seasonal changes with their hair and skin, are there certain regimens that you are suggesting more often during the summer?

A. Creme Magistral hair balm is a wonderful product to put in your hair before a dip in the pool. It acts as a barrier to chlorine and salt water. If your hair is blonde and/or porous, chlorine could affect your color and the integrity could be compromised. I always follow up a pool day with a 3-Step Regimen and a Fusio Dose.

Q. Are there any products/routines that you like to encourage in the warmer summer months for clients whom may experience frizz?

A. Discipline! Fluidissime is full of anti-humectants providing my guests a shield against the Florida weather. Did you know Discipline was originally tested in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil & Miami, Florida? I believe in Kerastase because the research that goes into their formulas is unlike any other. While using the full Discipline hair care range you are guaranteed 72 hours of frizz control.

Q. If a client is shampooing their hair every day, which Cleanse, Treat, Prime do you like to prescribe and why?

A. My favorite is to Cleanse with Bain Chronologiste shampoo, Treat with Creme Chronologiste hair mask and Prime with L’incoryable hair lotion. Being in Florida UV Protection is very important and Chronologiste provides that. L’incroyable provides memory, 96 hour anti-frizz control and 450degrees of thermo-protection.

Q. What are your favorite summer product combinations behind the chair?

A. The Aura Botanica Eau De Vagues beach wave spray is always in my beach bag. Combining Paraguayan Sugar & Mexican Aloe Vera it creates soft wavy texture. This beach spray was formulated without salt to ensure illuminating healthy glow. When I’m behind the chair I like to use Eau De Vagues to create movement in wet hair then finish it dry with Volume In Powder texturizing spray for a combination of hairspray and dry shampoo, giving it a tousled matte effect.

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