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Sarah Crews

Sarah Crews


Sarah's belief that hair is an art form has her always on the hunt for ways to add inventive twists to braids and updos. From the time she was a child, Sarah was with a brush in hand, determined to pursue her dream of becoming a stylist.

With over 20 years in the industry, Sarah is proud to be able to help other stylists develop their skills while finding new inspiration and appreciation for her own brand. As an educator, Sarah takes great joy in elevating others and watching each stylist's personal growth.

Sarah's work includes bridal, red carpet, music videos, film and New York Fashion Week. In addition to having her work featured in Vigore magazine as well as Modern Salon and American Salon, Sarah enjoys creating and sharing her own content on YouTube and Instagram.


Q. When a client comes into your salon for the first time, how do you determine which hair haircare range to prescribe?

A. I normally ask them a series of open-ended questions, which include inquiries such as, “what would you change about your hair if you could change anything?”, “How often do you shampoo your hair?”, “What is your daily haircare routine look like”? I also examine the hair by observing the elasticity, density and overall condition of the hair and scalp.

Q. How has performing the Kerastase Diagnosis helped strengthen the relationship with your clients behind the chair?

A. I feel like performing a hands-on diagnosis behind the chair ensures trust with a client because they’re able to see what it is that you’re doing to make a diagnosis. I am not sure I would trust that my doctor’s prescription had they not performed a diagnosis using a hands-on method. It’s hard to just look at someone and know what they need. I need to get my hands into their hair and on their scalp and share what I am finding as I evaluate.

Q. Can you share why a 3-Step Regimen is important for a client’s haircare routine?

A. Cleanse, Treat and Prime are principles that Kerastase uses to address hair care needs. These foundational elements can successfully set-up the framework for any services that is done to the hair beyond that. This is why I believe in this approach.

Q. Many clients experience seasonal changes with their hair and skin, are there certain regimens that you are suggesting more often during the summer?

A. I often prescribe the Nutritive hair care regimen in the summer because the sun can dry out the hair. The formula is light but super moisturizing and I find that it keeps clients’ hair hydrated and controlled especially with humidity, chlorine and salty beach air.

Q. Are there any products/routines that you like to encourage in the warmer summer months for clients whom may experience frizz?

A. The entire discipline line is amazing for controlling frizz. I also find that it is a wonderful complement to clients who receive keratin smoothing treatments. One of my favorites is the Fluidissime anti-frizz spray. It is a light detangler and shine spray with amazing moisturizing properties. I love this spray as a staple to any beach bag.

Q. If a client is shampooing their hair every day, which Cleanse, Treat, Prime do you like to prescribe and why?

A. For me it depends on the client and their hair type. I feel that all Kerastase regimens may be used daily and I think it is important to switch them up as needed.

Q. What are your favorite summer product combinations behind the chair?

A. I love the Elixir Ultime Bi Phase Oil spray combined with the Ciment Thermique blow dry primer. I feel like these two together provide a really nice texture, almost like a beach spray, while still remaining hydrated, light and soft.

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